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Berklee Artist in Residence with Eleonora Bianchini

17th & 18th May ISM launched the Inspired by Berklee Artist in Residence Music project. Almost 75 students were selected from Grades 4-12 to participate in this exciting new creative partnership with the prestigious, world famous Berklee College of Music.

Berklee Artist in Residence holding a guitar- Eleonara Bianchini

The two-day event was a huge success, and we are very much looking forward to many more musical projects!” Commented the project coordinator, Ellen O’Flaherty.

The aim was learning how to write a song in small groups of students selected for particular music interests or talents, offering a great experience to build up each other’s skills whilst working collaboratively on a creative project.

A huge thank you to our amazing teachers and to wonderful artist Eleonora Bianchini for this extraordinary experience!