Virtual Learning

The International School of Milan has been on lockdown for a number of weeks due to the Covid 19 outbreak but in that time we have continued to ensure that we have delivered the same great teaching and learning that has served the students and families in Milan for over 60 years. Being a member of Inspired has provided us with the support we need to be able to respond creatively and appropriately in every stage.

Our incredibly hard-working staff have ensured that we are able to successfully transpose the fantastic IB international curriculum from one delivered at school to one that could be successfully delivered at home. In addition, and true to the IB philosophy, our students and teachers have shown that they are able to turn what is an obvious challenge into a real teaching and learning opportunity.

Please find below a brief article from our School Counsellor, Dr.ssa Fungi:

wellbeing under quarantine



How it Works

At IS Milan, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings:

Parent Testimonials

“I would like to thank you all for the wonderful work you have done for the students in these very difficult days. My granddaughters have never felt alone; not one moment! From day one they were given the precious opportunity to have their daily lessons and be in touch with their amazing teachers. Your continuous dedication and that of all the teachers is immensely appreciated. Thank you! I wish you all a happy Easter break. Keep safe and hope to see you very, very soon...we miss you!!!”


I would just like to let you know that as far as my 2 kids are concerned, I am very happy with how the homeschooling is going…In these weeks, my son’s approach to school work, commitment, desire to improve has changed drastically in a positive way. I am sure the learning is slower than that acquired in school, but this is true for each and every student around the world! If I look at the bright side of it…I feel my son has made a jump forward as far as maturity is concerned.”



"First of all let me thank you and all ISM staff for the amazing job you are doing. Grade 2 and Grade 4 teachers have shown great professional skills and a quick ability to adapt, which is not common given the situation we are currently experiencing. You all have ensured continuity in our kids’ learning and that sense of community and belonging they need so much in these days”



"In these challenging times, I wanted to thank you and the entire team for continuously running the classes for my son and our [5th Grade] class (as well as all the other levels at ISM). I was impressed by your fast reaction and continuous improvements from day 1. I am very happy to see the amount of work my son has and how engaging the contents and challenges are. We are happy to support and encourage him as well as some of his classmates and their parents we chat to occasionally. Overall, I think that all the teachers are doing a phenomenal job. Everyone is using the resources available very well. We realise that it has been several weeks and this will probably continue for a while. It is hard to persist but we are very grateful to everyone for their commitment”