Summer Program


Based in the world’s fashion capital, the International School of Milan offers students two distinct but equally exciting summer camp programmes this upcoming July.

Choose between our Fashion and Design course, led by Nicoletta Morozzi, Fashion Scientific Advisor of NABA, in collaboration with design experts and specialists, Lorenza Branzi and Teresa Maccapani Missoni or our dedicated Sports Masters camp. Both are a unique and exceptional experience for all participants. Enjoy sightseeing between classes and improve your English or Italian language skills!


Boarding 10-18 Years | Day 8-18 Years

1-27 July
We offer 2 camp options - either a 2 week boarding camp or a 1 week with day sessions only. (Arrival for Boarders will be either 30th June or 14th July) 

Boarding  2400 | Day 1200 (2 Weeks) 


-  14 or 5 day @ camp
-  3 hours a day language lessons (Italian/English) 
-  3 hours a day of either sports tuition or fashion and design 
-  Excellent meals and refreshments 
-  Weekly excursions to local attractions 
-  Summer Camp t-shirt 

We cannot wait to welcome you. Sign up today! 


MEET THE Fashion, Art, design & Performing arts TEAM 

Fashion, Art & Design with Lorenza Branzi and Teresa Maccapani Missoni, coordinated by Nicoletta Morozzi

Teresa Maccapani Missoni – Fashion Tutor
After studying fine arts and Fashion/Textile Design, Teresa was employed by legendary fashion house Missoni, where she was responsible for special projects. She is currently finalising the launch of her own company focussing on recycling and sustainability, exploring different fields from fashion to web content, food and design.

Nicoletta Morozzi – Fashion, Art, Design, Project coordinator
Nicoletta Morozzi was born in Florence in 1948. She is the Fashion Scientific Advisor of the New Academy of Fine Arts, NABA, where she has been teaching methodology and project management since 2005. Designer, artist and author of books, she has curated and participated in numerous exhibitions on design and fashion in Italy and abroad.

Lorenza Branzi – Fashion Tutor
Lorenza Branzi was born in Florence in 1971. She teaches Fashion Design in Naba, specialising in assisting students to use design as an expression of their individuality. Lorenza is an artisan knitwear expert and founder of the Do-Knit brand. She has participated in exhibitions and events in Italy and around the world as an exhibiting artist.

Breakdance with Roman Froz

Roman Gorskiy Froz was born in Moscow in 1985 and moved to Italy in 1993.

He developed a passion for breakdancing at the age of 16. From the streets to the big stages, he mastered his craft to represent Italy at the Breakdance World Championship after initially winning the European Championship. He is the founder of the first professional breakdancing academy in Italy, "Bandits Dance Studio" and works on the television show "Amici" as judge and external choreographer.

More about the Breakdance Summer Camp
Breakdancing was born at the end of the 70s to allow young people to express themselves through ingenious physicality. Today it is one of the most widespread and popular youth dance forms. It allows young people to display their physical virtuosity and express their emotions through dance. It develops discipline and creativity.  


Valentina Pini, aka Voodoo Vee, is a Milan-based rapper, singer, educator and vocal coach. Valentina, who has been making music since the age of four, discovered Hip Hop and rap culture in her late teens. A highly versatile performer, composer and lyricist, she often collaborates with other well-known Italian rap artists. She is also a member of award-winning reggae band, Calabash Crew and the Street Arts Academy, where she coordinates music workshops for children, adults and the disabled. She is currently working on a new album.

More about the Rap Summer Camp
Even those who do not follow rap are able to appreciate the ability to make spontaneous, brilliant rhymes. Rap is a fun, creative game and great exercise for the brain. At Rap Camp, students learn to create texts and music that will be complemented by other activities, including photography, dance and fashion. They will participate in a production where everyone can be involved based on their abilities. The aim is for students to express their creativity in a supportive space that challenges artists to excel.

Photography with Robert Shami

Photographer and videographer, Robert Shami describes himself as an "undercover nerd” and says he loves any creative challenge. Technical rigor is his passion. Robert completed a degree in computer engineering and product design before launching a photographic career. He began working on celebrity fashion shoots, fashion shows and events, and is currently involved in fashion, portrait and branded content. Videography was the natural evolution along this path and Robert has come to master the form.



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