We warmly invite you to experience our wonderful, state-of-the-art setting first-hand. Personalised tours are designed to meet your family's needs and give you an excellent opportunity to see your child's potential teachers and classmates in action.

Our school warmly welcomes children of all ages and abilities throughout the year. We are committed to helping each student reach their full potential. In the early years and elementary stages, students enjoy personalised language tuition and enriching co-curricular activities to broaden their skills and horizons. Support for our students’ personal pathways continues throughout our middle and high school sections, when students participate in a wide range of academic lessons and other developmental activities to help prepare them for post-school life, including extensive guidance on their university applications. 

What to Expect

Upon arrival at reception, you will be greeted by a member of the Admissions Team, who will accompany you on your campus visit and answer any questions you may have. We aim to learn more about your child's interests and goals so that we can understand how to meet their needs effectively and help them thrive. 

Your visit will give you further insight into the school's ethos and personalised academic support services. You will also find out how our international curriculum, as well as extensive sports, creative arts, and other activities can empower your child by helping them develop their passions while significantly expanding their skills.

Our team will inform you of the school's easy-to-follow application process before inviting you to explore our modern facilities, well-equipped classrooms and vibrant communal areas. We are committed to giving you the information and support needed to select the school that is best suited to your family.

Please note that school tours are subject to availability. Book your visit today to secure your preferred time and date.