Early Years And Primary Team

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Alex Callow | Principal of Primary School

"Here at IS Milan we aim to provide opportunities for students to excel – whether that be in music, sports, art, coding or mathematics. Whilst we cannot predict the future, we can prepare students for an uncertain future by providing them with a range of skills, attitudes, knowledge and conceptual understandings, and by promoting meaningful personal action"

Gayle Mckee portrait

Gayle McKee | Deputy Principal of Primary School

"The International School of Milan is a community where everyone contributes to build and maintain a positive atmosphere which enables students to achieve their highest potential. From their very first day in school, the students have agency with their learning and are encouraged to let their natural curiosity guide them on the next steps of their educational journey. Once students start to believe in themselves, there is no telling where they could end up."


Sara Lomas | Deputy Principal - Early Years and PYP Curriculum Coordinator

"It is impossible to teach everything that there is to know about the world. Instead, at the ISM we nurture a love of learning and equip our students with the skills needed to find out what they do not know or understand. Our students are active participants of their own learning – they take initiative, express wonderings, make choices and are aware of their learning goals. Together with our families we build a community that nurtures agency, creativity and lifelong learning."