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As a proud member of the Inspired Education Group, IS Milan is part of a family of more than 110 world-leading, premium schools that span over 25+ countries across 6 continents. At our Inspired school in Milan, students are anchored in their local context and have valuable opportunities to connect with a learning community of 100,000+ children. 

Inspired's innovative approach to learning and teaching practices is unrivalled. Despite being non-selective, most Inspired schools achieve exceptional results and rank highly in national league tables adding considerable value to each student. Inspired graduates have a high placement rate at the world's top universities and colleges; one in three attend a Russell Group or Ivy League Institution, and 90% attend their first-choice higher learning institution. 

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Inspired's Learning Philosophy

Inspired schools aim to develop wide-ranging practical and theoretical skills. To this end, the Group implements a robust and holistic 'Three Pillar' approach comprising Academics, Sports, and Creative & Performing Arts. The three pillars are integrated into the core curriculum to help students expand their understanding of multiple subjects, build highly sought-after competencies and cultivate their unique individual talents.

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