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Internet Safety and Anti Cyber Bullying Workshop for parents


On Thursday 10th November we will be welcoming International expert Paddy Fogarty to ISM to deliver a parent workshop on Internet Safety and Anti Cyber Bullying. The aim of the workshop is to provide general advice for parents whilst also discussing current trends such as fake news, image sharing and screen time. The workshop is open to all ISM parents and will run from 8.45am - 10.15am. Whilst it will not be live-streamed, we will record it so that those who are unable to attend may view it afterwards.

With the growing presence of digital and connected devices, the phenomenon of bullying has taken on new forms. The communication tools offered by the development of the Internet and Social Media, in fact, have paved the way for new ways of aggression, harassment, and discrimination that are not always immediately visible and often more difficult to recognize. But no less dangerous for the children who end up as victims. Anxiety, depression, isolation, and rejection of school are the first consequences for those who are victims of cyberbullying. And the phenomenon is growing: according to a Save the Children survey, in fact, three out of ten young people today are witnesses of violent behavior online. To limit its spread, therefore, it is essential to manage and circumscribe the episodes quickly and in the most correct way, but also to learn to recognize some warning signs.