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On 8 November, British Beach Volleyball champion Issa Batrane met with the students from our school. A moment of reflection on the values of sport and professional growth that saw the athlete and the students engaged in an open question-and-answer session. Starting from his personal story, as a young boy growing up in a difficult social context, Issa invited the students to reflect both on sports ethics and on the importance of sport as a tool for training and growth. The experience ended with an engaging Beach Volleyball 'fitness challenge' on the school's gym.


The visit was also an opportunity to start a fundraising campaign for "Sports For Champions", a British non-profit association that supports professional athletes in meeting medical and training costs, while promoting the values of sport among young people through ambassadors such as Issa Batrane.

Within the International School of Modena there is a series of co-curricular activities (music, theatre), including, of course, sport, proposed to steer pupils towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

"In our school," states Tom Vignoles, Principal of the International School of Milan, "there is an increasing number of students who play sports at a competitive level, and although our curriculum is very demanding, we try to reconcile it with the passion and motivation of our students by supporting them in their choices. As educators, we are aware that, when conceived in a healthy way, sport has the ability to inspire the individual and help them to successfully complete their path of growth and education. The values of sport - respect and cooperation, competition and inclusion, discipline and perseverance, excitement and trust - are also the pillars that inspire our teaching philosophy,' the principal concludes.