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Our Secondary School in Milan incorporates our Middle School (ages 11-14) and High School (ages 15 to 18).  Our students’ Secondary School journey takes them through the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)  from Grade 7 to Grade 11, and through the IB Diploma Programme (DP) , culminating in graduation from IS Milan. Our students graduate from our school with the best possible University Admissions advice.

Our Middle School in Milan offers enriching education from age 11 upwards, in a modern, student-centred environment. We guide students towards success, and prepare them to ultimately achieve some of Italy's best final examination results before securing entry to top universities worldwide. Our IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is the second of three IB programmes in our continuum curriculum. It successfully expands the skillset of each student through an inquiry-based approach and empowers them to be an independent, internationally-minded, lifelong learner who is well-prepared to lead in an ever-evolving world.

Each student in our Middle School is valued for their individuality. They receive a dynamic curriculum including individualised tutorial support, ensuring they meet, and exceed, their academic goals. In addition to enhancing our students' unique talents and skills through a comprehensive and challenging education, we help them build a strong foundation in major subject areas, including several foreign languages and an exciting array of co-curricular activities. We support each student as a valued member of our International and Italian communities, respecting and embracing their individualism and diversity.

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Why Choose Our Middle School in Milan?

As a leading Middle School in Milan, we ensue our students benefit from our long-standing experience delivering the international IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).  We help them build the qualities they require to be thoughtful, creative, courageous, confident, and well-balanced future leaders of an evolving world. In addition to our world-class curriculum, the school's extensive co-curricular programme  offers rewarding opportunities for students to expand their skills in additional academic pursuits, sports, and the creative arts.

The families we serve regard our MYP curriculum as the best choice for their children's education. We have a demonstrable history of equipping students with strong academic skills, and our cross-curricular approach helps individuals build and apply broad-ranging knowledge in the middle years and beyond graduation. To further prepare them for fulfilling professional careers across the globe, our students are invited to lead Service as Action projects and take on roles of responsibility within our Middle School community. Delivered through an inquiry-based approach, our international Middle Years Programme (MYP)  is highly regarded as one of the most respected courses of study across the globe.

Our Middle School also integrates the Italian Scuola Media Programme into the international curriculum, with Italian students progressing onwards to the Esame conclusivo del primo ciclo in Grade 9. The school's combined approach ensures that students are guided towards widely-accepted qualifications while also preparing Italian entrants for success in Italian state examinations. Italian students perform incredibly well in formal examinations; however, overseas learners are not required to sit Italian state assessments unless they wish to. 

Middle Years Programme

Our Middle School integrates the Italian Scuola Media Programme into the international curriculum. The school's combined approach ensures that students are guided towards widely-accepted qualifications while also preparing Italian entrants for success in the end-of-year State Italian examinations. Italian students perform incredibly well in formal examinations; however, overseas learners are not required to sit state assessments unless they wish to. Delivered through an inquiry-based approach, our international Middle Years Programme is highly regarded as one of the most respected courses of study across the globe.

Milan Middle School subjects

Middle School Subjects

The Middle School curriculum is well-organised and is centred upon eight traditional subject areas: 

  • Language & Literature: English and Italian (with mother-tongue teachers) 
  • Language Acquisition: English as an Additional Language (EAL), Italian, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese 
  • Individuals & Societies: History and Geography 
  • Integrated Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics 
  • Mathematics
  • Arts: Art, Drama and Music 
  • Design: Product Design and/or Digital Design  
  • Physical & Health Education: Physical Education

Middle School Entry Requirements

Students who wish to join the Middle School section will undertake a Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) online, as well as participating in an interview. These processes ensure that we will be able to cater for each student’s needs appropriately on arrival. The school may also require prospective Middle School students to undergo additional evaluations before acceptance is confirmed. Students with a diagnosed learning need or specific behavioural profile may be referred to the school's support service who will assess their needs and the school's ability to meet them.

Languages at Middle School Milan

Middle School Language Programme

The Middle School Language Programme at ISM is one of the most comprehensive in the city, making our school ideal for prospective bilingual and multilingual students who wish to study Italian and English in Milan. All students are supported to attain fluency in both English and Italian with first-class tuition from native language teachers. 

Students who require additional Italian or English support may access the school's specialised language courses, which offer comprehensive tuition. Language courses may be arranged on a case-by-case basis, and places are subject to availability.

Students may also enrol in our Japanese language programme, which is suitable for both native and non-native Japanese speakers. Relatively unique to the region, our Japanese Language Programme was first offered in 1958 to cater to the large community of Japanese students that attended ISM at that time. The programme is well-established and demonstrates our commitment to wide-ranging opportunities for language acquisition. 

As the official languages of the IB, our Middle School offers French and Spanish tuition. Additionally, due to its popularity, importance in the business world, and its potential to lead to future career opportunities, Mandarin Chinese is also offered as a language option.

School teachers in Milan Middle Schools

Middle School Teachers

Our teachers are caring, experienced and aware of students' evolving academic and developmental needs as they progress through Middle School. We understand that our young students need to feel secure and supported in their learning environment to attain success; therefore, staff aim to foster a safe and inclusive environment that inspires all children to achieve their full potential. 

Following a student-centred approach, our Middle School teachers and tutors work alongside parents, guardians, and other educational professionals, to gain a deep understanding of their students' learning styles and objectives across every area of the curriculum. 

Best Middle School facilities near me

Middle School Facilities

Our modern facilities have been specifically designed to engage children in both the school community and their education. The school's academic and sports facilities are conveniently located on a single site, offering convenient, easy access to inviting learning spaces. Students in Middle Years education may utilise a number of areas, including a well-equipped library with books in various languages, two modern science laboratories, welcoming dance, art and music studios, an IT suite, a sizeable gymnasium, used for many different sports, a dynamic multi-sports field, a swimming pool, as well as having access to other sports facilities nearby for tennis, basketball and other activities. 

We believe that young learners can truly flourish when learning in safe, welcoming and versatile spaces that allow for both individual and collaborative work as needed; therefore, our bright, spacious classrooms can be easily adapted depending on the nature of each lesson. In addition to traditional and modern resources and internet access, Middle School classrooms are also equipped with interactive whiteboards.


Middle Years Programme in Milan

Middle School Activities

Tailored Academic Support to Enhance Student Outcomes

Students who undertake the Middle School programme at our school benefit from participation in the following activities:

• Service as Action: Developing student leaders
• Approaches to Learning (ATL skills)
• Learner Profile in action
• Inter-Disciplinary Units
• Physical and Health Education pathways
• Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
• Personal Project (Grade 11)
• Experiential learning activities (e.g. Science practicals and experiments)
• Careers and University Advice 

Middle School Co-Curricular Activities

A wide range of Co-Curricular activities are offered within our middle school, within the regular school day and also after school. These range from lunchtime clubs, after school sports, music and drama groups and performances, exciting day trips and residential trips, specific service projects, celebratory events, as well as our very special End of Year Activities Week. There really is something for everyone!

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