The International School of Milan has been on lockdown for a number of weeks due to the Covid 19 outbreak but in that time we have continued to ensure that we have delivered the same great teaching and learning that has served the students and families in Milan for over 60 years. Being a member of Inspired has provided us with the support we need to be able to respond creatively and appropriately in every stage.


Our incredibly hard-working staff have ensured that we are able to successfully transpose the fantastic IB international curriculum from one delivered at school to one that could be successfully delivered at home. In addition, and true to the IB philosophy, our students and teachers have shown that they are able to turn what is an obvious challenge into a real teaching and learning opportunity.

Please find below a brief article from our School Counsellor, Dr.ssa Fungi:




At IS Milan, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings:



The primary portals for online interaction will be Seesaw, which all Primary students already have access to.

All students are expected to engage each day with all of the learning tasks set. Teachers will be available via email / Seesaw from 09.00 – 15.30 each day this week to answer questions / give advice / feedback on work. 

For Primary Students in preK-G1:

  • A daily ‘interactive-style’ video made by the teacher or assistant, will be available on Seesaw for all students and may include a virtual circle time, counting activity, song or rhyme and will introduce the day’s learning engagements.
  • A daily read aloud, conducted by the teacher or assistant.
  • Daily learning engagements in the following:
    - Language
    - Mathematics
    - UoI / inquiry projects

Please upload evidence of one or more of these learning engagements to Seesaw each day.

  • Specialist teachers will set additional activities to be completed during the week. These activities will be available for students to choose from once other daily activities have been completed.
  • Meaningful, appropriate feedback will be given on a minimum of one learning engagement a day.
  • Parents should be aware that there will need to be a fair degree of parental support for the Early Years students in accessing the work.

For Primary Students in G2-G6

  • A daily video from the Class Teacher will be shared on Seesaw by 09.00 which will welcome students and introduce the daily learning engagements. 
  •  Daily engagements in the following will be posted:
    - Language
    - Mathematics
    - Italian 
    - UoI 

Students should try to complete all work set and should post a minimum of 2 Language, 2 Mathematics, 2 Italian and 2 UoI engagements per week. 

  • Specialist teachers will set either a UoI engagement for each grade OR an independent activity if they are teaching a stand-alone unit.
  • Students will be provided with feedback on at least one learning engagement per day. Feedback will come from both class teachers and specialist teachers. 

Please let the class teacher know if for any reason your child is not able to carry out any of the tasks.

For Secondary Students in G7-G11:

The usual school timetable for each grade will be in effect.

School closure 
Expectations for learning – Secondary School (IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes)

  1. Learning will proceed according to the existing Secondary School timetable in the form of online lessons, readings and tasks posted on ManageBac. 
  2. Each teacher will set up work for their class on ManageBac up to 5 minutes before the beginning of each timetabled lesson for that class.
  3. Students will be expected to provide some feedback on work done in that lesson, so that teachers can monitor learning. All student work should be submitted on ManageBac by the deadline.