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Our Secondary School in Milan incorporates our Middle School (ages 11-14) and High School (ages 15 to 18). Our students’ Secondary School journey takes them through the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) from Grade 7 to Grade 11, and through the IB Diploma Programme (DP), culminating in graduation from IS Milan. Our students graduate from our school with the best possible University Admissions advice.

During the first two years of High School (Grades 10 and 11), our students complete the fourth and fifth years of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). They normally then progress onwards to the IB Diploma (DP) in Grades 12 and 13.

Our High School in Milan delivers a world-class international curriculum that leads to exceptional results, globally-recognised qualifications and unique skills that pave the way for lifelong success. We aim to present young individuals with an exciting path towards outstanding academic opportunities at the most prestigious universities in the world by providing a relevant, progressive education that empowers them to pursue the universities and careers of their dreams.

As part of our core provision, our High School students benefit from regular individualised support. Coupled with a first-class education, our senior students are given meaningful opportunities to forge paths in a range of professions and gain leadership skills while becoming pioneers, creators and leaders in their careers of choice.
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Why Choose Our High School in Milan?

Our private High School in Italy delivers the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes in an incredibly diverse setting. Our students form a community that represents 60 different nationalities, giving each learner the chance to truly thrive in a harmonious and culturally-rich context. Students also participate in a comprehensive Co-Curricular Activities Programme that develops their individual talents and passions across a wide range of areas. Led by a team of coaches, and experts, our co-curricular activities broaden the academic, athletic, and creative horizons of our learners and help them distinguish themselves from their peers.

The High School section comprises two distinct phases, each lasting two years. The first phase delivers the fourth and fifth years of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).  At this stage, 14-16-year-olds complete Grades 10 and 11, culminating in final online e-assessments. During this first phase, students continue with Middle School Subjects.

At the second stage of our High School, students join the IB Diploma (DP)  course, the third and final IB Programme offered as part of our international continuum curriculum. Before entering grade 12, our students receive comprehensive assistance with their subject selections, also looking strongly ahead to the university admissions process and their future career plans, allowing learners to design a course of study tailored to their long-term needs. The IB Diploma is widely considered the world’s leading pre-university qualification as it cultivates many desirable personal and academic attributes while also offering an avenue for students to refine their subject knowledge and participate in community, social and creative projects. Both stages of our High School education foster the independence, discipline, collaboration, communication and global awareness to prepare students as well-rounded, capable, highly-skilled pioneers of tomorrow.

Milan High Schools

IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

For the IBDP, we present students with a comprehensive range of subjects that effectively prepare them for university entrance and success beyond education. The curriculum is demanding yet rewarding. It is designed to give students flexibility in their learning, and by providing a wide range of study options, learners have the freedom to choose subjects that are of particular interest to them. We also encourage members of our High School community to pursue the disciplines that they may wish to study in further detail at university. 

The IBDP combines six separate academic areas that form a core curriculum.
Students study: 
• two modern languages, including English
• a humanities or social science subject 
• an experimental science 
• mathematics 
• a creative arts subject, or an additional subject from one of the groups above 

Three subjects (a maximum of four subjects) are taken at Higher Level (HL), and the other remaining subjects are taken at Standard Level (SL). HL subjects are studied in greater depth and breadth than those at SL. At both levels, the course develops several academic competencies which places them in good standing when applying for internships, work experience and professional roles.

Additionally, our IBDP students complete the three core elements of the IBDP:
•    A 4000 word Extended Essay (EE), akin to a university-level dissertation
•    Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a critical thinking course
•    Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), making a difference in the community

These core elements of the IBDP ensure that all of our students leave school extremely well prepared for their futures. Thus, our IBDP students refine their research, evaluation, verbal and writing abilities as well as their critical thinking and analytical skills. In the final year of the IBDP, each student’s abilities are measured in external and internationally standardised assessments, leading to the award of the coveted IB Diploma. All subjects contain a coursework element that is assessed internally.

High School languages

High School Language Programme

In Grades 12 and 13, students can study Italian, English or Japanese as their first languages. We are the only school in Milan that offers Japanese Literature as a subject option. In the final two years of High School study, we also offer international students the opportunity to complete a Language and Literature course in their native language. Students who decide to follow this pathway will study independently under the guidance of a language tutor. In the past, High School students have studied languages such as: Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Serbian and Korean.

In their final two years, all students will undertake the study of a second language, and can additionally choose a third language if they wish, to complement their holistic learning. Languages offered at the school as second and third languages include English, French, Spanish, beginner’s Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

Teachers at Milan High School

High School Teachers

Our highly-qualified High School teachers have experience as examiners and trainers. Therefore, they are able to prepare students exceptionally well for academic success in their chosen disciplines. All members of our teaching team endeavour to ensure that the underlying philosophy of our international programme is at the forefront of the High School student experience. 

Teaching staff seek to foster the attributes outlined in the IB Learner Profile. They encourage students to be knowledgeable, inquiring, caring and compassionate while emphasising intercultural understanding and open-mindedness. It is our goal to prepare students for success beyond school and as part of this process, we help learners develop respect for the perspective of others.

Best High School Campus in Milan

High School Facilities

Our school's modern facilities cater for students at every stage. High School facilities include a common room. However, our state-of-the-art facilities are available for all students across the school. The school sits on an expansive campus and offers modern academic and sports facilities that are conveniently located on a single site.

In grades 10 to 13, students enjoy a range of different areas for practical activities. They access a well-equipped library with books in several modern languages, two fully-equipped science laboratories, dance, drama, art and music studios, a computer suite, a spacious gymnasium, a multi-sports field, a large swimming pool, and tennis and basketball courts.

We believe that young learners flourish when learning in safe, welcoming and versatile spaces that allow for individual and collaborative work as needed; therefore, our bright, spacious classrooms can be easily adapted depending on the nature of each lesson. In addition to traditional and modern resources in the library, our High School facilities feature internet access, classrooms with smart TVs, and computers installed with the latest digital tools and learning apps. The school's specialist High School facilities offer high-quality materials for practical science, art, drama and music lessons, and an extensive selection of top-of-the-range sports equipment to refine skills to the highest level.

High School Co-Curricular Activities Programme

Our High School Co-Curricular Activities Programme offers enriching, specialist-led pursuits. Participation fosters valuable experience in music, sport and language-based activities, all of which help our students build a solid foundation for success in local and regional competitions and tournaments. Learners who choose to develop their skills to an advanced level may also apply for scholarship awards at universities in Italy, Europe, and several other countries worldwide. 

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Additional Services at Our High School

In addition to a comprehensive university counselling service that offers course selection and application support to top Higher Education Course providers, our High School offers students practical business and entrepreneurial support. We are committed to supporting the next  generation of change-makers as they embark on their journeys towards their goals and understand that success may take several forms in a fast-changing world. 

To accommodate our students' wide-ranging aspirations and motivate them to capitalise on their strengths, the School's Career Service runs specialist workshops for young entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business and product ideas under the guidance of experienced professionals. 

Coupled with a first-class international education that promotes innovation and creative thinking, our focused workshops and classes offer meaningful opportunities for young adults to acquire valuable leadership skills and practical support. We value the contributions of all students at our High School in Milan and seek to empower and inspire them as future pioneers, creators, and leaders.

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