Securing a Place at a Leading University

The University Counselling Team at IS Milan begins by introducing students to the possibilities that exist in the professional world and by helping them to understand their interests and aptitudes. Having discovered their aspirations, students are then guided as to how they can achieve them by selecting the right course of study at the university or higher education institution best suited to their abilities, interests and needs. ISM’s university counsellors support students throughout the application process up to admittance to university.

University Counselling – What IS Milan Offers

  • Presentations held by counsellors for students and parents on the various university systems, admissions requirements and application procedures
  • Individual meetings with students and parents 
  • Admissions Test preparation (where applicable)
  • Support in making the application and writing Personal Statements, essays, CVs, preparing portfolios (where applicable)
  • Academic and general references and transcripts
  • Interview preparation (where applicable)
  • On campus University Fairs (in autumn and in spring)
  • Presentations held by university representatives regarding undergraduate programmes, admission requirements and procedures
  • Access to digital and paper resources, online platforms (Unifrog)
  • Regular updates through ManageBac regarding Open Days, Summer Programmes and Webinars
university counselling in milan

Ongoing Guidance & Support

University counsellors at IS Milan provide tailored guidance to students in Grades 10, 11, 12 and 13. Grade 10 students are given the opportunity to respond to an online interests and aptitudes questionnaire and psychometric tests which lead to career, subject and course suggestions. 

In Grade 11, prior to making IB DP subject and level choices, students and parents are invited to attend a meeting that focuses on general and specific university entry requirements. 

Grade 12 students begin a process of researching universities and courses and, in April/May, university counsellors will schedule an individual meeting with them to discuss realistic options based on academic attainment, interests and career aspirations. 

In Grade 13, starting from September, students finalise their choice of programmes and are closely guided through various application procedures (depending on university choices).

Through the Careers Programme, students refine their ideas and learn to achieve their objectives.

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