Early Years at Our Primary School in Milan

Our Primary School in Milan incorporates our Early Years Section (ages 2 to 6) and Elementary Section (ages 6 to 11). Our students’ Early Years journey takes them from pre-Kindergarten, through Kindergarten, and through the Elementary Section to Grade 6, eventually reaching our Secondary School.

Our Early Years programme (from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1) invites 2 to 6-year-olds into a newly refurbished, world-class environment offering state-of-the-art facilities and the support of a nurturing community. Our early learning approach is founded on the belief that all children are naturally curious and capable of outstanding outcomes when provided with meaningful opportunities to develop their innate competencies. 

The child-centred Inspired approach to Early Learning blends seamlessly with our IB Primary Years Programme  teaching methodology, which fosters the IB Learner Profile's  ten attributes. We value each of our students as creative, imaginative, and resourceful individuals who are full of unlimited potential. We aim to guide children towards developmental milestones while preparing them for primary school success. 

Throughout the Early Years in Milan, children are encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning and explore their natural curiosity. The daily timetable is stimulating and full of opportunities for inquiry as well as enriching literacy, numeracy, creativity, and sports-related activities. We also offer an after-school extracurricular activities programme that unlocks our students’ talents and empowers them as well-rounded, growing individuals.

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Why Choose Our Early Years?

Our Early Years programme aims to offer valuable experiences that lay the foundation for future learning. We respond to children’s innate capabilities by creating an environment that values them for who they are today and who they will become tomorrow. 

We apply a child-centred Inspired approach to Early learning, placing children at the centre of the learning experience, which empowers them, fosters autonomy, and develops independence. At the same time, making connections and relationships, through inquiry-based learning, is at the centre of the Inspired approach to learning and the IB Primary Years Programme. Scientific research is clear that the benefits of excellent Early Years learning is transformative for later learning. An Inspired Early Years education does not just prepare children for primary years and beyond, it gives those children a significant advantage.

Young students in our community experience an immersive English-speaking environment that inspires them to become fluent readers, writers and speakers with excellent listening abilities. The numeracy syllabus is brought to life during group tasks, songs, and role-play activities, and our team carefully designs daily learning experience, balancing explorative child-led sessions with teacher-led lessons.

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Early Years Curriculum

As an international Early Years, we offer the IB Primary Years Programme accredited by the IB. Our young students benefit from a comprehensive education suitable for all learning styles, which is ideal for young students at the beginning of their academic journey. An integral aspect of the programme is its transdisciplinary approach to learning; fostering engagement across the subject disciplines.

Our Early Years programme is delivered through an innovative teaching approach based on the IB Primary Years Programme and inspired by the philosophy and practice of the world-renowned, child-centred Reggio Emilia Early Years methodology, founded in a region close to our Early Years in Milan. Children benefit from an immersive English-speaking environment that builds language fluency and familiarity with foundational literacy and numeracy-based concepts.

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Early Years Team

In our Early Years section, children are welcomed into a warm, caring and diverse community. We understand that starting Early Years is a new and unfamiliar experience for many families. Therefore, our caring team of Early Years educators guide children and their parents through the transition process by offering emotional and social support. Our personalised enrolment service ensures that regardless of their age and academic background, each of our young learners can enjoy their Early Years experience and thrive as happy, well-adjusted students. Continuous professional development is at the heart of our belief that everyone is a life-long learner and should embrace the challenge of developing their knowledge and skills.

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Communication Skills

Our international curriculum offers the perfect opportunity for children to increase their confidence using all forms of communication. Staff deliver lessons in the English language, and children practice written communication in teacher-led sessions and group-oriented activities. 

Teachers seek to continuously extend language and reading skills as young learners progress through the preschool syllabus. Furthermore, daily language practice helps to establish fundamental literacy skills in preparation for Grade 2.

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Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy are core elements of our curriculum, enabling learners to familiarise themselves with written words and numbers. Literacy and numeracy skills are explored verbally, in imaginative and symbolic play contexts, and in written form. As part of the daily schedule in our Early Years setting, children may engage in various creative and academic activities that are designed to enhance learning. 

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Early Years Facilities

We welcome families to our newly refurbished international Early Learning Centre in Milan. Our Early Learning Centre presents a dynamic and inviting setting for our youngest learners with first-class learning spaces that enhance daily learning and motivate their fast-developing skills. Our purpose-built Early Years facilities offer exclusive access to spacious play areas, an equipped library, a bright dining hall and inviting classrooms with cutting-edge resources, iPads, musical instruments, art supplies, storybooks, sports equipment, and interactive whiteboards.

Early Years Co-Curricular Activities Programme 

To complement the core curriculum, our young learners are encouraged to explore their passions after regular school hours. After-school activities are led by dedicated specialists, teachers, and coaches who support children in their personal interests and instil the confidence they need to take on the world with their burgeoning talents.

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Playtime Club

Supervised by our staff, little ones enjoy an hour and a half of fun, games, songs, fairy tales and drawing. 

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The course aims to introduce children to the creative world of dance. Young dancers develop basic motor skills, such as running, rolling, jumping as they move through space with intention. Children also develop coordination, rhythm and expressiveness through ludic-motor activities.

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Closely led by professional swimming instructors, swimming courses are an opportunity for youngsters to assimilate the techniques and styles they have learned. 

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Italian Beginners

Italian language tutors lead fun and engaging lessons that help children refine their speaking, reading, and listening skills. 

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