We create a feeling of home life by ensuring that students can share important parts of their own culture in the Boarding house. This might take the form of special cultural evenings where dishes from a certain country are prepared and enjoyed by our boarders or perhaps a specially themed trip (such as something during fashion week for example).

We are also keen to ensure that there are scheduled trips to places like the cinema and the other recreational venues to keep our boarders happy when they are not working.

We find that students embrace the boarding experience because we strive to create a “home away from home” feeling which simultaneously provides outstanding opportunities for your child. These include: cultural, environmental, academic, career-oriented and technological opportunities.

Boarders are exposed to a rich and balanced portfolio of experiences at ISM’s boarding school. We arrange many recreational and educational school trips and outings in addition to international trips (to various countries around the world).

Our aim is to instill meaningful values and good behaviour. Respect and consideration of others is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Rest assured that your son/daughter will not only enjoy their time with us, but thrive and blossom in this highly stimulating environment.