Boarding at IS Milan

Our Boarding School in Milan offers a transformative international educational experience to students from 14 to 18 years. The school's boarding facilities first opened in 2018 and present a home-from-home atmosphere that gives 42 students the opportunity to reach their potential while enjoying life on campus. 

Located in Milan's metropolitan area, the IS Milan Boarding House is not just a conveniently located student residence but a modern and stimulating learning environment that guides students on a memorable journey towards success.

Boarding to Suit Your Needs

Our international Boarding School in Milan, Italy, welcomes students into a safe and nurturing setting. While immersed in a diverse environment, our boarding students benefit from a learning experience that truly meets their academic and social needs. Our caring team of on-site staff sets clear behavioural expectations while making sure students feel respected and valued. 

Our school accommodates both home and international students seeking premium boarding in Milan, and our young residents may enjoy life at our school from Monday to Friday or for the duration of the school term. Upon entry to our Boarding residence, students are given the support they need to acclimatise to life as part of a wonderful, family-like setting. 

Milan Boarding School benefits

Benefits of Boarding at IS Milan

ISM is one of the leading international boarding schools in Milan, and our students benefit from an effective, child-centred ethos that places their academic, social, and physical well-being at the core of our practices. 

Each of our boarding students receives out-of-class homework support and pastoral care to guide them towards future opportunities. Owing to exemplary teaching methods, our boarding graduates gain excellent qualifications and secure admission to top-tier universities, including those in the Russell Group and Ivy League. 

The IS Milan campus is the largest school site in Italy and features a variety of state-of-the-art facilities, including a swimming pool, modern science labs, and an auditorium. Consequently, boarders can explore and develop their interests with rewarding educational scenarios after school and on weekends. They may also join tournaments and inter-school projects with students from across Europe, becoming well-rounded, connected and globally aware citizens.

Students at our premium Boarding House in Milan can leverage our proximity to the city's metropolitan area, including opportunities for enriching internships. To broaden their horizons even further, they may participate in visits to artistic, national, and historical landmarks, courtesy of boarding staff and House Parents.

The IS Milan Boarding School division equips students with valuable life skills and independence in a welcoming, inclusive environment. For additional peace of mind, a security system and 24/7 supervision are in place. 

Choosing a Boarding School in Milan

Why Choose a Boarding School in Milan?

Boarding in Milan offers numerous benefits for internationally-minded students seeking a comprehensive first-class private education in Italy. While studying in Italy's cultural capital, boarding students reside in a safe, well-governed city renowned for art, culture, and diversity. Despite being centrally located, boarding schools in Milan are often limited by space and resources, which is why ISM is proud to offer our students access to premium boarding facilities at the largest school campus in Italy.

Flexible Boarding School options

Boarding Options

Our flexible boarding options can be tailored to each child's needs. We understand that many students seek a personalised approach to boarding education, and we are delighted to help parents and guardians design a schedule that meets their requirements. Our boarding school offers weekly and termly boarding options. We are also happy to discuss full and part-time boarding options for families upon request; however, please note that places are allocated based on availability.

Boarding Residence

At the ISM Boarding House, student accommodation comprises single and double bedrooms. As part of the admission process, families may decide if they would prefer joining students to reside in a single or double bedroom. The single-bedroom option carries an additional cost. If a double room is chosen, boarders will be paired with a dorm mate according to their gender and age. Each boarder is allocated a bunk bed, a desk, shelf space, a wardrobe, a bedside shelf or table, an under-bed storage unit, and a bathroom storage cupboard.

Staff of our Boarding House in Milan

Boarding Staff

Student Well-Being & Support

The Boarding House is led by dedicated live-in house parents and residential and non-residential tutors. To reinforce the well-being of our students, core staff members work alongside a wider team of supportive teachers and health professionals.

Boarding Residence in Milan

Boarding Environment

Relax & Socialise

Social areas in the Boarding House provide the idyllic environment for relaxation and socialisation. After-school and during weekends, boarders can enjoy TV and film streaming services or play computer games with their friends. The student residence offers quiet, comfortable areas, where boarders may read newspapers, books and magazines. We also offer chess sets and a variety of card and board games for daily use.

Milan Boarding School facilities

Convenient Swimming Pool Access

Extra Supervised Swimming Practise

Swimming enthusiasts may practise their technique with extended access to the campus swimming pool. Boarding students are supervised by trained lifeguards and may visit the pool on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Athletics at our Boarding School in Milan

Additional Athletics Practise

Sports & More

The sports hall hosts a number of indoor activities, such as football, basketball and badminton. In the warmer months, boarders may also use the astroturf football pitch.

Milan Boarding Schools with arts programmes

Extended Access to Art Facilities

Creative Pursuits

As a benefit of student life on campus, members of our boarding community can hone their creative skills in the music practice rooms, arts rooms and the dance studio. Resources and facilities in the art department are also available for use after school hours.

milan boarding cocurricular activities

Exciting Weekend Plans for Boarders


The boarding schedule includes cultural and historical trips around Milan city as well as further afield to cities such as Verona, Bologna, Torino and the lakes. Trips are arranged every other weekend and typically take place on a Saturday afternoon. Residential trips are also offered over some long weekends to places like Rome, Florence, Venice and even skiing trips in Northern Italy.

Exciting off-site activities are also offered on weekday evenings and at the weekend, such as bowling, trampolining, lasertag, escape rooms and paintballing. We encourage boarders to suggest additional outings that they would like to attend.

On-site Activities

On-site activities take place throughout the week and at the weekend. Typically, they will include sport, dance, board games, cooking, arts and crafts, movie nights and karaoke.

Meals & Other Services for Boarders

Each of our boarding residents is provided with 1 duvet, 1 pillow, 1 large towel, 1 medium sized towel, 1 face towel and 1 shower mat upon arriving at the Boarding House. Bedding and towels are changed once a week. If boarders require additional bedding or towels, they must provide these themselves.

  • An external laundry service is available to all boarding students at no additional cost.
  • Laundry will be collected twice a week.
  • Clothing will be washed, ironed and returned within three working days.
  • Boarding students must place the clothes they wish to be laundered into the bag provided and complete the laundry ticket.
  • A washing machine, drying rack and iron is available for students who wish to wash their own clothes.

Each day, delicious meals are prepared by the school caterers and provided to all student residents. Our caterers provide a healthy choice of hot and cold food, and accommodate students who have specific requirements, with vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher options available. Boarders are able to voice their preferences for evening meals through attending ‘menu meetings’ throughout the year. Staff supervise meals times to ensure that students are eating a balanced diet. In addition to tasty menu options, the IS Milan café gives students the opportunity to buy snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Security at our Boarding Campus

IS Milan provides several levels of security to ensure the campus and Boarding House is a safe school and residential location:

  • The security team operate 24 hours a day and closely monitor movement on and off campus.
  • The Boarding House is locked during the school day and monitored at evenings and weekends so that only boarders, staff and approved visitors may gain entry.
  • All persons visiting the Boarding House (e.g. visitors, outside delivery and maintenance personnel) are kept under constant staff supervision to prevent them gaining substantial unsupervised access to boarders or their accommodation.
  • All boarders are provided keys to their bedroom which they are encouraged to lock when absent from the room.
  • Boarders are provided with individual lockable safes in their wardrobes and are encouraged to utilise them for keeping their valuables safe.
  • The main school lift only provides access to the boarding house when used with a service key which is held by the house parents and residential tutors.

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