Apply to Our School in Four Simple Steps



Submit an Application

To begin the admissions process, families should register their interest by completing the Application Form below. Once the school has received the form, the Admissions Team will contact parents and legal guardians to discuss their forthcoming application.

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Meet our Principals

Once applications have been processed, parents and legal guardians will be invited to meet with the relevant Principal or Deputy Principal depending on availability.

The purpose of this meeting is for applicants to gain a detailed understanding of the school's ethos, curricular programme, expectations and daily activities. Meetings also give our Leadership Team an opportunity to evaluate student applications. 

Where possible, prospective student(s) should also be present. Students applying for the secondary section will also be asked to complete an online CAT4 test, in order to ensure the school’s understanding of each student’s profile and needs prior to enrolment.


Offer Letter

The school will send an offer letter to the parents and legal guardians of successful applicants.


Registration & Admission

After the first annual fee instalment has been paid, your child is enrolled at the International School of Milan for the agreed start date.

Contact Us Today

Our knowledgeable and friendly Admissions Team are happy to answer your questions and will guide you through every step of the application process to ensure you experience an easy and enjoyable journey towards the right school for your family.