As a first step families should submit an enquiry form below. Once the form is submitted the admissions team will be in contact to discuss the application process.




After submitting the application, an appointment will be required to meeting with the Primary Principal (or Deputy dependent upon availability).

The purpose of this meeting is for parents to be informed of the school ethos, the curricular programme, expectations and daily activities at IS Milan and for the Principal to evaluate the application. Where possible, the student/s should be present, but if this is not possible, they may be asked to attend an evaluation before enrolment can be authorised.

Families should bring the following documentation to the initial meeting:

  • copies of academic reports for the past two years 
  • copies of reports of any evaluations carried out by external specialists

As any offer of a place here at IS Milan is partially based upon academic suitability for our international programme, we may ask a student’s current school to supply us with further information, if we consider this necessary. This may take the form of a confidential teacher/Principal reference or recent work samples and parents will be informed if this is the case.

In some cases, the school may carry out a formal learning assessment in the areas of Mathematics and Language (English and / or Italian). This will take place at the school and usually lasts for approximately 90 minutes. The school may also require students to undergo educational or psychological evaluation before the offer of a place is considered. Students with a diagnosed learning or behavioural difficulty will only be considered for admission following an evaluation by the school’s support services.

Once an applicant has satisfied the academic and personal criteria for admission, an offer of a place will be authorised by the Principal. In order to confirm the offer, the family will be invited in to sign a contract. Once all of the administrative requirements have been fulfilled, the next available start date will be confirmed.

Parents of applicants are obliged to disclose any and all relevant information pertaining to the application with respect to their child’s educational and personal status as requested above. If the school does not receive this information prior to enrolment, re-enrolment for the following year may be affected.

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