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Opened in September 2018 and accommodating approximately 50 students, boarding at IS Milan provides a transformative international educational experience for 14 to 18-year-olds. Located at Via I° Maggio, 20 – Baranzate – in the Milan metropolitan area, this is not just a student residence, but a modern and stimulating learning environment.

The largest international campus in Italy with over 50 different nationalities, it includes an indoor swimming pool, auditorium and state-of-the-art facilities. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your children will enjoy the very best in international education to allow them to reach their potential.

Although we are the longest established international school here in Milan, at our school you will find the most progressive thinking linked to the strong academic standards that have served the international and Italian communities in Milan for over 60 years. We are confident that our ethos, driven by a commitment to global citizenship, achievement and opportunity for all will enable your children to become confident in their ability to take their place in the world as the young leaders of tomorrow.

Here at the International School of Milan, learning is truly celebrated and all of our students are valued and challenged to succeed.

The Boarding School features single and double rooms, study areas and common rooms, encouraging social moments and group study. Accommodation is divided by gender with 24/7 supervision and security.

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Your houseparents are in charge of your overall welfare throughout your time boarding with us at International School Milan. Their role involves checking that you are making good use of your time, and that you are generally well-behaved and happy. They will probably get to know you quite well during your time at our school and will inevitably be there if you get into trouble or hit a ‘rough patch’.


David Fitzgerald                        Housemaster



Judith Holt                                 Housemistress


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