Enrolments for 2021/22 are open


Enrolments for 2021/22 are open


Enrolments for 2021/22 are open

Admissions Process


Step 1: Submit An ENQUIRY 

As a first step families should submit an enquiry form below. Once the form is submitted the admissions team will be in contact to discuss the application process.


Step 2: Meet with the Primary or Deputy Principal

After submitting the application, an appointment will be required to meeting with the Primary Principal (or Deputy dependent upon availability).

The purpose of this meeting is for parents to be informed of the school ethos, the curricular programme, expectations and daily activities at IS Milan and for the Principal to evaluate the application. Where possible, the student/s should be present, but if this is not possible, they may be asked to attend an evaluation before enrolment can be authorised.

ADMISSIONS: +39 0287258352 / +39 0287258401 | admissions@ism-ac.it